Charities and non-profits

KM Accountants Charities and non-profits

Our communities are served by many charitable and not for profit organisations, led by dedicated volunteers desiring positive change. These organisations are set up with differing regulators and legal forms and as a consequence subject to accounting and taxation rules which can be confusing and difficult to follow. 

It is important for non profit organisations to choose an accountant that not only understands the regulatory background but also has a keen interest in the not for profit sector. 

KM’s charities team is led by Mark Heaton, our Managing Director, who has 25 years experience in working with the sector, but is also a charity trustee himself.

As an organisation we have worked with KM Accountants for five years. For this time period they have been our external auditors. I have found them to be professional, thorough and supportive.

They send the audit plan beforehand and I have had the same auditor every year so he knows the nature of the business and I do not have to start from scratch explaining how our organisation works and what level of support we provide.

I can email out of the blue with a query or a question and I receive an immediate response with a level headed answer. They are my go to people.

Marilyn Smith FCMA CGMA

Marilyn Smith FCMA CGMA


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